Oh My ROI offers a level of service to meet every budget. Management accounting combines accounting, finance, and management with business skills and techniques to add real value to your business.

From profitability now to strategic planning for the future we help you be in charge of your business.

We get you hooked up with QuickBooks Online to control daily transactions. And then we hold bi-monthly live calls on zoom.io  to stay on track with what’s happening with your business and strategize future actions.

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STRIVE – Controller Service

Outsourced controller - for when you need to get out of the way of your own progress and get back to running your company. Expanding your team without the overhead is the ideal fit if you need to focus on leading your company through product and service delivery and sales without losing real time access to acccurate accounting.  As your outsourced controller, if it is related to income and expenses it’s in my wheelhouse and if you need a liason with clients - we are perfect together.  A controller is an integral team member and is best equipped with  information and details to better serve you in decision making. Including financial conditions in your planning is essential to success. This service is limited to a few select clients where trust and relationship are essential to success.

Includes: EQUIP and THRIVE, plus the following:

  • Unlimited email, text or phone access
  • Weekly touchpoint meetings
  • Semi-Monthly indepth work sessions
  • Strategic business tracking and review
  • Special welcome package
  • Includes Profit First Implementation  Evaluation, Conversion, Roll-Out plan(ECROP) monthly progress towards Target Percentages
  • Done for you accounts receivable and accounts payable, always keeping you informed and advised of status with an eye towards optimal client and vendor relationships
  • Specialty reporting based on your needs
  • Specialty analysis based on your needs


THRIVE – Advanced Accounting Services

This is my signature service for business owners who want more direction without turning over the financial control. Ask for and receive our best advice for course of action and decision you need to make. I am quicker to identify the problem when you share your plans with me. Setting the business purpose for expenses and setting controls for measuring results become possible when you have real time information and are managing your business based on know what money and resources have already been committed. Profit First metrics allow you to plan for future growth needs. The ability to focus on and identify your best clients and ensuring your systems and processes are focused on delivering the experience your best clients are seeking. Service includes EQUIP and expands to data entry of invoices and expenses.


  • Bi-Monthly zoom meetings
  • Limited access and 72 hour response time via email, text, and phone
  • Profit First Advisory  
  • Standard Custom Reports
  • Monthly P&L
  • Monthly Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Accounts Receivable (A/R) report
  • Monthly Accounts Payable (A/P) report
  • Monthly Reconciliation of all profit first bank accounts
  • Profit First Target Allocation Percentages (TAPs) setting
  • Quarterly Profitability Progress review

EQUIP – Entry Level Bookkeeping

This service level is about education and ensuring the revenue and expenses are properly categorized according to your management decisions. I’ll focus on creating meaningful reports, teaching you to read the changes in the reports and identifying answers to your questions. I will focus on the changes over time in profitability, creating equity, and ensure that your cash flow statement is correctly set up so you can use this simple report for future planning. You maintain control of the process, receiving payments, making deposits, setting up invoices, connecting with clients regarding payments and adhering to the contract you created with your clients. You decide when vendors get paid. My focus is on target allocations in accordance to putting your profit first and ensuring that you are receiving adequate compensation for being an owner/operator. Reconciling your bank accounts monthly, we will touch base monthly to monitor progress.


  • Basic bookkeeping and reconciliation
  • Profit First guidance focused on Taxes only
  • Quickbooks/Accounting set up - new fresh start for 2018 required if not already using QuickBooks Online:
  • customized Chart of Accounts, set up of products/services, client details, vendor details and    setting up automatic payments/recurring transactions
  • Creating generalized reporting for year end
  • Using QBO and hubdoc for receipt management
  • Year End closing entries in accordance with direction from your CPA/EA or tax preparation service

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